Services Overview

Lazer Enterprises is offering complete hiring Promoter, Merchandisers, Permanent Staffing, Adhoc Manpower, Skilled, Semi-skilled and Unskilled Manpower providers.

We will onboard our own team to take care of operations of the project to reduce huge burden and ease client to run their business.

Lazer expertise in offering complete solution to permanent staffing, contact to hire and temporary staffing according to the specific human resource demands. With all your needs we look forward to hear and assist you.

The proficient online recruitment staff and online database we hold make the process of connecting the right talent with the right opportunity faster, affordable and time-saving with simple business transition.

We find the right talent needed for specific opportunities. The right candidate will be screened by our recruitment team and will be accessed via interviews before they get hired.

The candidates selected will be provided with a complete briefing and provide necessary client readiness training to ensure the candidate can perform well in the job.

We hire candidates from premier educational institutions with relative degrees in India and provide applicants with the best-experienced information professionals.

People: Lazer recruiters are highly experienced and have excellent knowledge of all verticles and have a good network of contacts.

Process: We work with various teams like the client’s human resources and operational teams to manage the recruitment process with all clients’ internal processes for consistent delivery.

Resources: As part of our recruitment process our team facilitates everything such as checking of references, background checking, and job board contracts.

We deliver recruiting services for the top tier, middle tier, and low tier for various sectors and industries.

Practice Areas

column1-image1Asset Finance

column2-image1Tax Litigation

column3-image1Financial Services




column1-image3Capital Markets

column2-image1Financial Advice





column1-image5Data Protection

column2-image1Oil and Gas

column3-image1Private Equity


column2-image1Capital Markets

column3-image1Real Estate

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Industry Sectors



column2-image1Litigation & Advocacy


column2-image1Health Care

column2-image1Manufacturing & Industrials


column2-image1Intellectual Property

column2-image1Nonprofit Organizations

column2-image1Energy & Natural Resources


column2-image1Real Estate

column2-image1Financial Services

column2-image1Labor & Employment


column2-image1Food & Agriculture

column2-image1Life Sciences

column2-image1Sports & Entertainment

Let’s work together

We work as a single united team with market leading firms in Hyderabad and give our clients the right talent deserved for the opportunity.